Welcome to the Deeded Community of Oleander Pines

 The Oleander Pines Association (HOA)  primary mission is to keep property values up and to provide a pleasant living environment.

Oleander Pines was developed by The Wynne Corporation.   Construction was started about 1990. There are 142 homes in the Community. Some of the homes are built with CBS and and some are Wood Frame . All of the homes are on the Port Saint Lucie City water system, and all of the homes  have Septic Tanks.

The interior  roads and canals are maintained by Saint Lucie County.  The Community has a large Retention Pond that is “L” shaped which   collects all of the Street Storm Drain  Water. The    Retention  Pond  is surrounded by Sandberg, Bronte, and Dickinson . Oleander Pines is located entirely in Saint Lucie County. Our Policing agency is the Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Department.

Safety & Traffic

In Case of Emergency or Suspicious Activity:
Call 911 First, then one of our Board Members.

TIP: To avoid accidents and/or injuries, please obey the speed limit of 20mph. It only takes 25 seconds more to go the length of Sandburg Lane at 20mph than it does at 40mph.

If you don’t garage your vehicle, please lock it. Your garage door opener is usually inside, which makes easy access to your home.

When walking at night please carry a flashlight and wear light colored clothing.  If you are walking a dog please consider using a reflective  type leash.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Walk opposite traffic! Bicycle with traffic!